Platz 2
Nächstes Projekt 03/20  

Juli / August 2023

Technische Universität Berlin

Eco-Fem Shelter (Women"s Shelter)


von Burcin Ayberk Özdemir


Technische Universität Berlin






Prof. Dr. Lars Steffensen




Rhino 3D, Adobe Illustrator

In general Berlin’s fundamental characteristics are the open and unsolved urban spaces, creating strange compositions and leaving room for imagination.
Let’s not have them disappear for the sake of sleekness and homogenization. How can we strengthen these moments and value their possibilities?
Who are our neighbours and how can we react anonymously to communicate with them?
How to create an offer in specific situations for the user on the outside and the user on the inside? What makes a house a home? What makes buildings create a city? Seeing the women’s shelter within the context, we need to ask: Is there a typology such as a “Women’s Shelter”? We seek to offer anonymity, safety and comfort and create one community. What identification can a women’s shelter offer to its users beyond its status of anonymity whilst offering qualities to the city?
Community is not unity – It is differences living together hence diverse spatial qualities have to be offered.
The need for women’s shelters is ubiquitous - in every structure the women’s shelter will find its own typology.
Text von Burcin Ayberk Özdemir.