Platz 15
Nächstes Projekt 15/20  

Juli / August 2018

MMA+ Maastricht

The workshop

manifest of the tectonic

von Jeroen Brosky


MMA+ Maastricht




MMA Maastricht Master of Architecture



This building is a tectonic manifestation of the natural recourses found in the valley of the Jeker River and its geological layered principles. Concrete (limestone) and wood form de basic materials for this building, which are subtracted from the landscape and formatted to there typical shapes for construction, and ready for reassembling. Nature has its own principals of assembling itself, described by Fibonacci. I used these principles  to  investigate  possibilities  of  transformation.  Starting  from  a  concrete  and  a  wooden  golden section  ‘cube’,  I  developed  several  progressions  that  enabled  me  to  find  some  basic  rules/a  simple language  to  construct  a  building  that  reflects  the  immanent  qualities  of  the  materials.  Concrete,  able  to withstand pressure, is used for the walls, carrying the roof and showing the exceeding gravity through the density of the concrete layers. Wood, able to withstand tension, is used for the roof structure and expands like a tree canapé over the concrete walls.

The building contains a small-scale wood workshop in which locally harvested trees are being processed for local use. It is located in the Jeker valley along the “Via Jecore”, an old agricultural connection between the valley villages that has been recently restored. After half a century of regional orientation this route has to me the potential to restore local oriented life and rethink the quality and pace of life in times of  late  capitalism.  The  site  evolves  around  the  slow  process  of  naturally  processing  wood  by  growing, watering and drying, and the workshop is to me an example of a means of living in which the immanent quality of work can prevail over secondary revenues.

This building is a result of my effort of combining these immanent quality’s of work by craftsmanship, and material by tectonic.