Platz 17
Nächstes Projekt 17/20  

Juli / August 2018

Hochschule Anhalt

Housing Overlaid Parking

A Transformation Proposal for Parkhaus Möbel Kraft

von Ahmet Kürkcü


Hochschule Anhalt






Joris Fach, Roger Bundschuh


Vectorworks, Rhino, Sketchup, Adobe


The interest and the need of housing in Berlin can be even observed on social media platforms like Facebook. A typical rent out post on several groups gets minimum of 5 contact requests on the comments section. Similar interest is obvious on the web platforms like WG-Gesucht. The current tenants of flats hold interviews to pick their new flatmate. One must admit it is tough to get a place to live in Berlin.

All the statistical facts reveal that there is a huge amount of single households in Berlin which influences the difficulty for those who is seeking for accommodation. It is also a sign that people care about the privacy. Yet this also increases the residental value and creates an unfair situation.,meanwhile lots of youngsters are seeking for room desperately. And many of them live in a conventional housing layout, using the living room as a bedroom which reduces the common spaces. So there is a need for increase in shared spaces.


Extreme long living unit layout is tested due to the depth of parking garage. Since the garage has deep floor space the housing layout can adapt itself accordingly. Putting in a row these units and merging the shareable spaces creates rather pleasent way of living. This layout tries to be a contrary solution to the present WG shares and intends to be a generic template that is to apply within the parking garage that is to be proposed.


Parkhaus Möbel Kraft is a parking garage that is located near the big furniture warehouse Möbel Kraft. It is reserved for the customers of Möbel Kraft and Mediamarkt which is located at the Northern side of Möbel Kraft.


Transforming Parkhaus Möbel Kraft aims to densify the structure with housing units as much as possible. The initial intervention is the removal of the ramps and the structural slide next to the block wallto get light into the lower levels. Created void can be seen on the first axonometric diagram. Since there is only one vertical circulation in the scheme, a spiral stairway integrated to the farest corner from the existing core. Three different housing typologies on different levels adapted into the structure.


Parkhaus Möbel Kraft consists of a regular structural grid which is mostly repeating itself. Parpendicular to the facades, the grid traced for the structural add-ons. The concrete walls envelope the existing concrete and steel columns which also applies for the steel beams. Slabs are modified and added according to the design intentions.