Platz 19
Nächstes Projekt 19/20  

Juli / August 2018

Wroclaw University of Technology

Centre of development for blind

Urban negative of the Schlesisches Museum für bildende Künste in Wroclaw

von Agata Pierozynska


Wroclaw University of Technology






Ph. D. Tomasz Glowacki




AutoCad, Photoshop

The project of a new cultural-educational facility in Wrocław is dedicated to the blind people (largely socially excluded) and the forgotten building from 1880 – Silesian Museum of Fine Arts, whic despite excellent structural condition, was deconstructed in 1960.

Reconstruction of the former museum in form of it’s negative cast in cuboid solid allows for organizing interior’s space adequately to it’s needs.

Facility, beside untypical museum that can be seen blindfolded and a school for people with defect of vision, contains braile library and gym classroom focused on disciplines dedicated for blind people.

Parking is in the underground, while ground foor – opened square, is filled with restaurants and art galleries.

Elevation made of class bricks gives visual effect – world from the inside seems to be blured and distorted. Proposed project – important for the capital of Lower Silesia facility – integrates blind people and brings back sense and meaning of the name of that quarter – Museum Square – as the place for a meeting between human and art.