Platz 20

November / Dezember 2018

Architectural Association School of Architecture

Indigenous Skid Row

von Anna Wahsten


Architectural Association School of Architecture






Enric Ruiz-Geli / Simon Taylor


Experimentelle Entwürfe


Vectorworks, Photoshop, InDesign

Through a sociological comparison of tribes, we isolate the transferable elements that express empathy and togetherness. During a unit trip to the US, we immersed ourselves with the Navajo Native Americans, learning about their culture and the strengths of their tribe despite the strong oppression by Western culture. In Los Angeles, I spent time at Skid Row, the largest homeless community in the States, understanding the problems their tribe is facing. By cross-pollinating the essence of a strong tribe, we help the community at Skid Row, by creating a community village where the focus is on the spiritual journey and healing. This results in a new type of tribe, a spiritual community focusing on ending the problem of homelessness in Los Angeles by reinventing the current system, which often fails as the mental and spiritual part of the recovery is often neglected, leading to only short term successes. The aim is to prepare the homeless for normal life again through steps similar to the ones in Navajo's ceremonies, which will better prepare you for life outside their infamous community, and ensure a successful transformation, eventually putting an end to the acute homeless crisis in the area.