Platz 19
Nächstes Projekt 19/20  

März / April 2017

Hochschule Anhalt

Museum of 20th Century


von Ahmet Kürkçü


Hochschule Anhalt






Prof. Martin Rein-Cano | Andjela Brasanac




Vectorworks, Rhino

The design site consists of individual buildings which are mainly focusing on their own existence without any form of interaction with each other.

The New Museum of the 20th Century proposal seeks for public integration within the Kulturforum of Berlin. This design is simply made up of two different layers; one enclosed foyer (atrium) and the public space which is a transparent volume that envelopes foyer. The main idea of the proposal is to position public uses of the building program around the foyer so the design can be transformed into a public attraction. As for the materiality, that idea emphasized by the strong difference of the transparency and the solidity.

The transparent envelope opens up on four sides of the building to welcome urban circulation. The only cut on the transparent volume occurs at the museum entrance space which houses a big plane tree. The tree functions like a canopy that covers the entrance and shades down into the foyer space. To welcome people from the Postdamerstr. the connection is gained through a bridge that extends to the entrance of the museum.

The only opening over the solid box happens at the entrance part to frame a pleasent view through the plane tree. Once the visitor goes down to the foyer, a big empty space welcomes him. The small openings in the foyer brings visitor to the galleries. The openings have the same porpotion to equalise the importance of the different exhibitions so there is no order in the visit.

The service spaces for the public program located between double wall on the surface of museum box. By doing so the public space turns into total open space with light furnitures. In other words the space serves like a public saloon.