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Nächstes Projekt 03/20  

Juli / August 2017

Bialystok University of Technology

The Path in Trees

The Path in trees accompanied by recreational and educational function in the Browsk District

von Magda Bykowska


Bialystok University of Technology






Janusz Grycel


Freizeit- und Sportbauten



The Path in trees in the Browsk Forest District is a part of the didactic process, which gives the society access to knowledge about the forest structure and interesting research methods. The project has the unique geographical location - is located in the heart of the original nature, along the Narew River valley. The proposal is subtle in its form to not disturb the natural landscape`s harmony. The footbridge would be the first that kind of path in Poland.

The whole foundation provides in-depth understanding of forest from different levels. The path is varied in height to make the best land use. The observation tower leads to the view deck, from where people can admire the wild nature of the Narvian landscape. Below ground level there is the exhibition space, where through glass panels visitors could familiarize with the roots`s structure. They have the opportunity to see the full forest`s cross-section in one vertical.

The characteristic feature of the rural landscape this country is wooden construction. The new building complex refers to the local patterns and region`s identities by using contemporary means of expression. Solid`s geometry and materials reflect the most characteristic Białowieża Primeval Forest`s motives and represent its identity.

The complex shows the beauty and richness of the wilderness landscapes. It`s a chance for a new development and improvement of the region`s vision. It allows society to break away from everyday life, create an emotional bond with nature and feel responsible for the surrounding nature. Space has a symbolic dimension, users are open to space, they have contact with the sky without limits.

The purpose of the project is to activate rural areas by insertion new functions. The project responds to the region's development problem by becoming an important cultural and landscape element. The footbridge, due to its unique character and innovative solutions, would be a national phenomenon and would stand out from similar solutions in the world.