Nächstes Projekt 14/16  

Januar / Februar 2011

Technische Universität Wien

l'escargot sportif

Angewandte Ästhetik_Katastrophenvorbeugung und Sicherheit in Gebäuden

von Sebastian Leschhorn


Technische Universität Wien




Ao.Univ.Prof.DI Dr. E. Simoncsics




scribbles, sketches, models CAD: Spirit (Softech), Rhino, illustrator, photoshop, inDesign

The building fullfills two functions: on the one hand it is an arena for events (e.g. basketball, concerts) and on the other hand it is designed to resist to natural disasters and serve as a refuge center in the event of an earthquake for instance in areas such as Japan.

Function - normal case:
Normally, it is used as an arena for basketball and other sports that require this size of a field or smaller. Furthermore, the arena could be used as an area where concerts and events take place.

Function - emergency case:
In an emergency case, the arena could be used as a refuge area for people that lose their homes due to a natural disaster.
The tribunes are reconstructed to plattforms, in order to allow the refugees to use these plattforms as a private space. Some containers, situated on these plattforms can serve as emergency shelters.

The whole shape reminds of a snail shell but in this case it is not constructed like a typical snail shell. The primary construction is a space framework made out of twelve bears that come together in the middle in a thrust collar. In addition four more thrust collars in different hights hold the construction together. The outer shape is also made of six space frameworks that connect to the main bears and move down in a smooth, spiral way. The entrance hall in the front, the visitors are welcomed in a magnanimous gesture and they have a straight view of the playing field. After they bought their tickets they have the chance to enter the main area. From here they can move in a circle around the playing field and find their way to the seats, while crossing some take-aways, small stores such as fanshops and also the commentator rooms and the VIP lounges. In the back of the entrance hall and the first level are some stores, take-aways as well as offices for the arena management situated. The basement (level -1) contains the storage, the changing rooms for the teams and also the egineering rooms with the technics for the whole building. The playing field is also on that level. The teams have the possibility to move directly out of their changing rooms to the field.
An ETFE-pneu-construction forms the cover that is located on a secondary construction. This ETFE, is connected to an intelligent system that measure the intensity of the sun. To regulate the need of energy, these three-coat layers that are laced with dots to make it possible to adjust the luminosity of sunbeams through a changeable pressure.