Nächstes Projekt 01/15  

Mai / Juni 2012

CVUT Prague

bamboo package

transparent facade

von Marisa Lechthaler


CVUT Prague








eingesetzte Software: Archicad/Cinema 4d

The bamboo backpacker’s hostel is located on a cliff in south India – region Varakala. The shell of the building is inspired by the typical Indian loaded truck. It is not only a pile, it is stacked very precise. This Indian tradition is the basis for the construction. The whole shell is self supporting. Also the use of local wood is sustainable. It can be disassembled and reused. The bamboo offers the advantage that it grows very fast. Also in the middle it is hollow, so that it provides transparency for the people inside.
A concrete load bearing construction is responsible for the space formation in the building. The roof - similar like a hill stands to be visible as a landmark. Also inside the high roof develops a spatial experience. The roof transforms into sleeping on the roof where the Bamboo creates the railing.