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Januar / Februar 2016

Fachhochschule Düsseldorf

Archaeological Museum Kaiserswerth

Museum für ein Palttbodenschiff

von Lea Schumschal


Fachhochschule Düsseldorf






Prof. Niess





Directly on the Rhine in the Lower Rhine between Duisburg and Dusseldorf is the center of Kaiserswerth . At this point, the course of the Rhine makes a wide loop and can be easily overlooked and controlled .

Today historical regions of the cityscape  can be clearly read in Kaiserswerth . It is one of the oldest settlements on the Rhine . This historical presence still dominates the cityscape and has a predominantly unified character .

In the historical significant Kaiserswerth,  attributed with an unmistakable individualtiy, it has been shown that planning decisions which ignore the history are not sustainable in the long term  and lead to loss of aesthetic and the individuality of Kaiserswerth .

At the northern exit of Kaiserswerth is the grounds of the museum that acts as a gate in the dialect between the town and the building.

The Museum of an 18th century flatboat in Kaiserswerth fits into the given urban situation. It lies outside the old town with its historic center. The minimalistic glass  portion of the building acts like a long passage, a continuation of the adjacent street that runs along the site. Situated in this part of the  building are all of the household functions  with an adjacent building acting as the showroom.

The showroom acts as a counterpart, lying entirely underground with a ceiling height of nine meters. This part of the building blends into the site and exists homogenously with the environment.Therefore, the exhibition of the boat lies at the same depth at which it was excavated. The two building are connected, but slightly offset in hight to mark the transition between the two spaces.  

The concept of archeology  encompasses the entire museum which acts as a representative space for a milestone in archeology.